Cassie Hagerstrom, MA

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Is your kid struggling to find their way? Are you worried about them and aren’t sure how to help? Maybe they could benefit from a safe space to explore their feelings. That is where counseling comes in.

As a former school counselor, I have a passion for working with children of all ages (even the adults!). Children and adolescents seem to have their own language, communicating very differently than the adults that love them. Trying to understand this language can be so frustrating! All we want to do is figure out what is causing their distress and help them to talk to us; if we know what’s going on with them, we can help. Using art, play, music, activities, and other creative methods, children and adolescents are able to convey how they feel and work through those feelings.

Imagine seeing growth and change towards an even more amazing version of your child! The version you KNOW they are capable of being. I meet children (and adults) where they’re at to help bridge their experiences with the skills to work through them. I combine the beauty of expression through creative arts with clinical theory to help individuals express themselves effectively.

Now that you’ve found me, reach out through e-mail or phone to request a 15 minute FREE consultation to discuss how we can work together to help you get started on helping not only your child, but you in navigating this crazy world of parenting!