Chelsea Pigeon, MA

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern
Gottman Level 1
Prepare/Enrich Certified (Premarital Counseling)

Are you emotionally or physically drained? Are you struggling to keep going? Have you lost yourself? Maybe it stems from an unhealthy relationship or discord in your marriage. Maybe your past hurts you. Or maybe you struggle to balance the different areas of your life. You might have even experienced loss or change in your life. Are you looking for a safe and nonjudgmental space? Do you need words of encouragement? Imagine being able to take back control of your life and feel comfortable with who you are. What if I told you that could be your reality? Well, it can. You are strong and will get through it!

Working together, we can help you start to believe that about yourself: that you are strong, worthy, and valued. You can start to rediscover yourself and take control over your life. You will start to feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders. If relevant, this may be done using skills from being Prepare/Enrich Certified & Level 1 Gottman trained.

The longer you wait, the worse you may feel. Although many of us feel scared, hesitant, or even uncertain about asking for help, I encourage you to push through and congratulate yourself on taking the first step to feeling better and becoming your true self. You deserve it! Contact me and let’s see how we can work together to help you reach your goals.

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She has a beautiful soul

Despite what she sees

She has a beautiful mind

Despite what she thinks

Her personality is like no other

And she only strives to get better

She remains calm

In the toughest of weather

She’s understanding

To everyone surrounding

She brings light and laughter

To those who suffer

She is kind

Even amongst feelings of anger

She is confident

In the choices she makes

She is cautious

But doesn’t play it safe

She’s appreciative and thoughtful

Even to those that are undeserving

She’s fun and outgoing

Even when all she wants is to run and hide

She’s a good friend

To those that let her in

She loves

Probably more than she should

She is worthy

Of the life she desires

She is brave

In many different ways

She is simply herself

Every single day


However, she is not perfect…

She is just perfectly imperfect.


She doesn’t always see it

She may not always believe it

She may doubt herself from time to time

And worry about things that are constantly on her mind

But she will continue to work to be everything she wants to be

She will one day see herself for who she truly is

Someone whose light

Will one day outshine

The darkness she wishes to leave behind

-Me, myself, and I

“It took me 23 years to finally write something positive and uplifting about myself. I highly suggest if you like writing and struggle with self-worth/esteem issues, try writing something creative and positive about yourself. Even if you can’t come up with anything you think is true, try writing about the version of yourself you want to see one day or how you want others to see you. We often forget (or don’t know how) to practice self-love and self-care but it’s absolutely necessary to live a happy and healthy life. (If writing isn’t for you, find out what is!) Especially for anyone dealing with mental health issues or life stressors (as we all do at some time or another).”