Nathalie Ramirez, BS

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student
*Speaks Spanish*

$20 sessions!

Life can be challenging and unpredictable at times. Sometimes we have an idea of what’s wrong, while other times we may just feel off and not know why. In todays climate, every day activities can sometimes seem like a struggle. Working together we can understand more clearly what’s going on by uncovering obstacles that may be holding you back. As a team we will work to overcome them, turn your goals into reality, and create the life you envision.

We’re all different and unique, this is why I work with people facing a wide array of issues including relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief and loss. Because everyone is different I take a unique approach in helping everyone; something that works for one person may not necessarily work for you. This is why a one-size-fits-all therapy style is not effective and I take an open approach to treatment. By using an eclectic approach, I incorporate different modalities to tailor our sessions to your needs and find what works best for you!

I understand the courage and vulnerability it takes to make that first step towards healing and becoming the best version of yourself. I hope to be fortunate enough to go on this journey with you and help you obtain the life you want.