Why should I see a mental health counselor if I have a mental illness?

People will often seek counseling to help cope with a specific mental illness. Perhaps you have been previously diagnosed with a mental illness that you would like to continue mental health therapy for. Or, maybe you just think there might be something going on, but don’t know what. You might have been referred to mental health counseling from a local Fort Myers psychiatrist in addition to your prescribed medication.

Mental health counseling vs. psychiatry for a mental illness

Typically, mental health counselors provide therapy for your mental illness, but cannot prescribe medication. Mental health psychiatrists provide prescriptions and medical observation of your mental illness, but often refer to counselors near you for your mental health therapy. Our counselors in Fort Myers will sometimes work in conjunction with your local psychiatrist to provide collaborative treatment for your diagnosed mental illness, to improve your overall mental health. We can provide you with a referral if you are interested in an evaluation by a psychiatrist. We are qualified to provide an accurate, working diagnosis for you to begin your mental health treatment.

Whatever you situation may be, mental health counseling can help. We have a variety of amazing counselors right here in Fort Myers covering a broad spectrum of diagnoses and circumstances to help you cope better with your mental illness. Please give us a call today to start your personalized mental health treatment!