Throughout our lifespan, we will be faced with transitions. Children experiences changes within the family (divorce, birth, death) as well as school, friends, and daily routine. Then there’s puberty, which brings about a whole new set of changes in a teenager. Early adulthood is full of change, as well as a search for meaning and purpose. Marriage, divorce, birth of children, death of parents, middle age, retirement, and on and on!

Sometimes we can move through these transitions smoothly; however, other times it doesn’t go quite as well. It’s typical to feel like there is something wrong with you. There isn’t. It’s actually typical to face transitions with opposition and increased stress levels. You may even experience some mild depression or anxiety.

Counseling can help immensely during these times. We can help you normalize the feelings that you are having, and help you cope with the most difficult ones. We can help you make some changes in your daily life to move through the transition more smoothly, and provide support to you during the entire process. It’s important to remember that counselors are also here to help well people, too!