Luis Yale, BA

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student

$20 sessions!

For those who are unsure, skeptical, or even afraid of seeing a counselor to discuss their personal and private matters, YOU are not alone. This is an appropriate and normal response, that takes courage and confidence to trust and openly discuss to a stranger their problems and difficulties at work, home, or school life. Coming from personal experience, participating in counseling has been an enlightening yet challenging adventure, that has allowed me to identify, process and adapt to everyday stressors in life. It’s with this insight that I hope to share and explore with future clients, by supporting the development of becoming a better version of yourself!

My background consists of a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and I am currently a graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at Florida Gulf Coast University. While also have previous counseling experience at an agency for children who have been through abuse and trauma. My form to counseling comes from an integrative approach of cognitive behavioral, acceptance and commitment, and various other evidence-based treatments.

If you’re interested in working collaboratively with me to pursue your goals, please feel free to contact me and begin the process.