Lyndsey Elsass, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor


​Are you the “strong” one? Are you the one everyone goes to when they need someone to talk to? Are you the one selflessly passing out advice while you silently deal with your own worries? It can be so exhausting helping everyone else with their problems while pushing your own to the side. This is all too common! It’s nice to feel needed, but how would it feel if you finally got to talk to someone? What if you had a person who was there JUST to listen to YOU. How amazing would that feel? Imagine being able to talk to someone about your own life and work things out without the disruptions of work, friends, kids, or partners.

When you work with me that is exactly what you’ll get. You will have uninterrupted time to discover yourself, find out what your needs truly are, and how to handle your own stress in healthier ways. The great part about this is you can do this right from the comfort of your own home! Your life is stressful enough without having to drive somewhere and worry about being on time! Because I only offer teletherapy, adding therapy to your life will not put a huge dent in your schedule. When you simply take the time to work on yourself, you’ll find yourself feeling better already.

What’s stopping you? Now is the time to do something for YOU! This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to take care of yourself. Step out of your comfort zone, focus on yourself (for once!), and make the call. Contact me TODAY to begin to take care of yourself in a way you’ve always wanted AND needed, but never thought you had the “time” to do!