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Are you living up to your potential as a counselor?

Many of the counselors at SWFL Counseling started their careers working in community non-profit settings. There is a great need for quality counselors at that level, and the experience received during those tenures was invaluable. However, that environment is not ideal for everyone. Full-time work in the counseling field is productivity-based, and the compensation often does not reflect the extensive training and hard work required to do our job well. For many of us, we get into the field of counseling to help people, and find that our ability to do that well is negatively impacted by the stressful demands of that environment. We lack self-care, and find ourselves in the throes of compassion fatigue (burnout).

What makes us different?
At SWFL Counseling, LLC, we have a dual mission. As counselors, we seek to equip our clients to live lives of purpose and meaning by offering authentic, valuable, and comfortable therapy provided by a team of independent counselors. But as professionals, we seek to provide quality, ethical counseling services with a focus on flexibility and personal growth. We believe strongly in quality over quantity, and pride ourselves on our ability to meet our clients right where they are. Because we are autonomous practitioners, we can keep our paperwork uncomplicated, our caseloads small, and our treatment plans individualized. Because we are not subject to productivity goals, we can spend more time in communication with our clients and researching resources. And most importantly, because we are committed to working less than full-time, we have plenty of time (and energy!) to attend trainings and increase our specializations and proficiencies.

But I could never work in private practice…

Oh yes you can! Launching your own private practice might feel scary, yes, but it isn’t as hard as you’d think. Just as community counseling isn’t for everyone, neither is private practice. If you are reading this, clearly you are curious, right?! It doesn’t hurt to ask for more information. We love what we do, and want to share this incredible opportunity with everyone who is up for the challenge.​

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